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Category: Powfu

Powfu - ​ice heart Lyrics

Powfu – ​ice heart Lyrics

​ice heart Lyrics – Powfu (Tsurreal) Ice in my heart, you can see it in my skin tone I don’t wanna fight, feel them looking through the window I know […]

Powfu - tinted green Lyrics

Powfu – tinted green Lyrics

tinted green Lyrics – Powfu I see the lights, they’re tinted green It’s obvious that you’re into me You think I’m cool, I think you’re wrong I’ve seen this all […]

Powfu - no promises Lyrics

Powfu – no promises Lyrics

no promises Lyrics – Powfu I don’t wanna say too much cause I’m weird I don’t wanna tell you things that you’ll fear I can say I’ll wait for you […]

Powfu - clash of the titans Lyrics

Powfu – clash of the titans Lyrics

clash of the titans Lyrics – Powfu Where’d you go I don’t wanna shoot back Fell in love But I never really said things We all see that the system […]

Powfu - silver linings Lyrics

Powfu – silver linings Lyrics

silver linings Lyrics – Powfu Yeah, I want you dearly All the skies are clearing Yeah, the doors unlocked I’ll be inside watching the clock Don’t wait for the perfect […]