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Princess Nokia – the fool Lyrics

Lyrics to the fool by Princess Nokia Oh man, oh man, oh man I miss you I know you miss me back You miss me more when she don’t want

Princess Nokia – angels & demons Lyrics

Lyrics to angels & demons by Princess Nokia Ah look, you did it again We was supposed to have it all But you ruined the chance Coulda been your whole

Princess Nokia – thank you Lyrics

Lyrics to thank you by Princess Nokia Why the hell you love me And leave me like that Why the hell you need me I need you right back Where

Princess Nokia – happy Lyrics

Lyrics to happy by Princess Nokia Go ‘head with your bad lil self, go ‘head with your bad lil self, lil mama Go ‘head with your bad lil self, go

Princess Nokia – lo siento Lyrics

lo siento Lyrics – Princess Nokia Lo siento I’m Sorry That I am not the one that you wanted Lo siento I’m sorry Lo siento, no soy el que querías

Princess Nokia – complicated Lyrics

complicated Lyrics – Princess Nokia You waited all your life to say you fucking had me Relent into your pleas and then I love you madly You ruin everything and

Princess Nokia – closure Lyrics

closure Lyrics – Princess Nokia You came at the right time And I let you You came at the right time You were meant to Gift from the above I

Princess Nokia – Diva Lyrics

Diva Lyrics – Princess Nokia I feel like Beyoncé, I feel like Shakira Lemonade, I’m juicy, hips don’t lie, Selena Britney, Christina, rest in peace Aaliyah I feel like a

Princess Nokia – No Effort Lyrics

No Effort Lyrics – Princess Nokia Excuse me, you whack ass bitches I need ya’ll to know, it’s no competition, bitch You could never, bitch You see me? And you

Princess Nokia – Boys Are From Mars Lyrics

Boys Are From Mars Lyrics Princess Nokia Boys are from Mars, girls are from Venus Sync with my heart, link with your penis Can’t make me cum but you think

Princess Nokia – It’s Not My Fault Lyrics

It’s Not My Fault Lyrics – Princess Nokia Pow, pow Yes, I’m god’s favorite flavor I’m blessed and highly favored He gave me all the blessings and them blessings turn

Princess Nokia – Harley Quinn Lyrics

Harley Quinn By Princess Nokia (One, two three, four) Welcome to the circus I’m causing a disturbance I’m twisted in the head I’m a little bit annoying I’m gross, I’m

Princess Nokia – Crazy House Lyrics

Crazy House By Princess Nokia Pretty little psycho I get down with the payroll I’m a fallen angel And I hit you with my halo Smiling in your face ‘Cause

Princess Nokia – Welcome to the Circus Lyrics

Welcome to the Circus By Princess Nokia Welcome to the circus Welcome to the world that makes me nervous This is for the people with the purpose Tryna fight the evil and the

Princess Nokia – Gross Lyrics

Gross By Princess Nokia Yeah yeah yeah bitch I’m gross Yeah I’m grosser then you hoes and it shows I got stains on my teeth and my clothes I been

Princess Nokia – Fee Fi Foe Lyrics

Fee Fi Foe By Princess Nokia Fe fi fo, catch a boy by his toe And if I see his bitch Ima never let her know Cuz I’m a freaky

Princess Nokia – I Like Him Lyrics

I Like Him By Princess Nokia I like him Like him too He my man He my boo He my type He so cute I want him And I want

Princess Nokia – Balenciaga Lyrics

Balenciaga By Princess Nokia Sketchers lookin’ like Balenciaga Thrift clothes lookin’ like the Prada Whole fit lit, it cost me nada Bitches always talkin’, I give them all nada I’m

Princess Nokia – Woes Lyrics

Woes By Princess Nokia I’m chillin’ with the skaters I’m chillin’ with the punks I’m chillin’ in the park With the kids having drunk I love my youts, I love my fun Love

Princess Nokia – Just a Kid Lyrics

Just a Kid By Princess Nokia Now damn, I’m just a kid Thinking ’bout everything I ever done and did Things I wanna do and things I’ve done lived Everything