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Category: Prismo

Prismo – First Time Lyrics

First Time Lyrics by Prismo Released : 2018 It’s my first time lovin’ And my last time losin’ Cause I won big time with you It’s my first time lovin’ […]

Prismo – Solo Lyrics

Solo by Prismo Released : 2018 Solo I’m walking on fire My debt is in pay I take myself higher So I’m feeling okay Look at me now I’m done […]

Prismo – Stronger Lyrics

Stronger by Prismo Released : 2017 You stole my heart of gold After my silver soul Can you dig any deeper now? I gave you all I owned Put you […]

Prismo – Too Close Lyrics

Too Close by Prismo Released : 2017 You know I’m not one to break promises I don’t want to hurt you but I need to breathe At the end of […]

Prismo – Serenity Lyrics

Serenity by Prismo Released: 2017 The bough breaks, and all will fall, the ground shakes, the wind will shiver all, the world returns the same in place without change, I […]

Prismo – Hold On Lyrics

I just assumed I’d play the part Of keeping you in the right direction No matter how your confidence may fall I’ll be here as your foundation And I said […]