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Category: PUP

PUP – Bare Hands Lyrics

Bare Hands Lyrics by PUP [PUP] Cut me loose in mid-September I was out of my element Started building up these walls Keeping everybody outside of them Like bare hands […]

PUP – Full Blown Meltdown Lyrics

Full Blown Meltdown Lyrics by PUP [PUP] Wake up It was just a feeling He was emptying the coffers While I was staring at the ceiling Washed up Or what […]

PUP - Sibling Rivalry Lyrics

PUP – Sibling Rivalry Lyrics

Sibling Rivalry Lyrics by PUP [PUP] This raft is hard to steer, the water is low this time of year The smell of old decay is seeping into my sweater […]

PUP – Closure Lyrics

Closure Lyrics by PUP [PUP] The light was starting to fade And I could feel the reaper Waiting in the tall grass Feeding off the fever [PUP] And I couldn’t […]

PUP – Scorpion Hill Lyrics

Scorpion Hill Lyrics by PUP [PUP] Up on Scorpion Hill watching life Passing me by in the pale moonlight And I sat there forever, three sheets to the wind It’s […]

PUP – Free at Last Lyrics

Free at Last Lyrics by PUP [PUP] I was kissing your salty lips Wet from your nose as it started to drip, it was Twenty below and you were shaking […]

PUP – Morbid Stuff Lyrics

Morbid Stuff Lyrics by PUP [PUP] I was bored as f--- Sitting around and thinking all this morbid stuff Like if anyone I’ve slept with is dead and I got […]

PUP – Kids Lyrics

Kids Lyrics [PUP] Just like we’re kids I’ve been navigating my way through the finite reality of a godless existence Which, at this point in my hollow and vapid life, […]