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Category: Push Baby

push baby – Thenineteenseventyfive Lyrics

Thenineteenseventyfive by push baby: Thenineteenseventyfive Lyrics: I try to hold my breath but she reads between the lines, cos she loves cocaine and the nineteen seventy five. and I should […]

push baby – Cali Superbloom Lyrics

Cali Superbloom by push baby: Cali Superbloom Lyrics: Trying so hard Feeling so hard Done Trying so hard Just to see her face again Take my soul Cos ill buy it back […]

push baby – @thebackoftheparty Lyrics

@thebackoftheparty by push baby When we found love @thebackoftheparty When we found love @thebackoftheparty I don’t wanna be the one that says i told ya But all of my friends […]

push baby – thor Lyrics

thor by push baby Don’t mistake my bravado for confidence My libidos a consequence Of peroni and loneliness Im under and over dressed I’m cold and my heads a mess […]

Push Baby – Mama’s House Lyrics

Mama’s House Lyrics by Push Baby [Push Baby] My life’s a juxtaposition What I got and what I’m missing What I want and what I’m wishing, right I got a […]