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Category: PVRIS

PVRIS - Thank You Lyrics

PVRIS – Thank You Lyrics

Thank You Lyrics – PVRIS Clouds go grey, dressed in silver linings Don’t know what you didn’t have till it’s gone It’s okay, pain’s got perfect timing Now I know, […]

PVRIS - Stay Gold Lyrics

PVRIS – Stay Gold Lyrics

Stay Gold By PVRIS If you’re just a wind passing through, I’d still be grateful But I pray to God every day that we don’t break, no You’ve seen my […]

PVRIS - Good to Be Alive Lyrics

PVRIS – Good to Be Alive Lyrics

Good to Be Alive By PVRIS Learning how to swim, but the land’s all dry Feeling like a shark; if I stop, I’ll die (Woah-oh, woah-oh) Veins are lit and […]

PVRIS - Loveless Lyrics

PVRIS – Loveless Lyrics

Loveless By PVRIS Were you always heartless? Did you learn it from your father? The way you ran away from all this? Was I just a target? ‘Cause it’s hitting […]

PVRIS - January Rain Lyrics

PVRIS – January Rain Lyrics

January Rain By PVRIS Always forgive but I can’t forget I’m stuck in a moment The stains on my bed You made permanent An unspoken omen Fell from the high […]

PVRIS - Use Me Lyrics

PVRIS – Use Me Lyrics

Use Me By PVRIS There’s something about you It’s not that I doubt you Angels circle around you ’cause you shouldn’t be on your own I know that you need […]