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Category: PVRIS

PVRIS – Dead Weight Lyrics

Dead Weight By PVRIS If we start cracking at the centre I won’t let it break Hold it together through the weather, it’s my DNA So sick of being your […]

PVRIS – Old Wounds Lyrics

Old Wounds By PVRIS Lyrics They say don’t open old wounds But you’re still brand new And all the flames you said you ran through You got a little more […]

PVRIS – Things Are Better Lyrics

Things Are Better By PVRIS Lyrics Not numb, but not feeling too much Unfazed on the days I should break down ‘Cause I’ve seen everything Every coast and every weather […]

PVRIS – Death of Me Lyrics

Death of Me By PVRIS Lyrics This love, this love This love, this love This love, this This love looks like a loaded gun A noose around my neck or […]

PVRIS – Nightmare Lyrics

Nightmare By PVRIS Lyrics Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Now I’m a nightmare Your grand entry was all a blur to me I […]

PVRIS – Hallucinations Lyrics

Hallucinations by PVRIS Falling backwards What  comes after the words you said? They  knocked us from our high I always thought we’d have another life Dancing alone Left  in shadows […]