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Category: Quando Rondo

Quando Rondo – Get Down Lyrics

Get Down By Quando Rondo I’ve been searchin’ so long You know it (Al Geno on the track) Check this out Swear I done searched for your love In ever […]

Quando Rondo – Who Died Lyrics

Who Died By Quando Rondo What set you from? You look like one of them Crenshaw Mafia m------------ No, you prolly one of them Rollin 60’s, huh (Dubba-AA flex) Huh, […]

Quando Rondo – Nita’s Grandson Lyrics

Nita’s Grandson by Quando Rondo Go Grizz Winners Circle Oh, I’m only miss Nita grandson New diamond ring, I bought her two ’cause she’s a champion Through the Cali streets I’m oh so […]

Quando Rondo – Shorty Lyrics

Shorty By Quando Rondo Ooh no you know.. And we gon f---… Beverly Centre, Bentley Coupe, she in the parking lot Just like these rounds in my .40 Glock imma […]

Quando Rondo – 101 Lyrics

101 By Quando Rondo (G------, BJ with another one) (Trell’s on the track) I’m on Mars right now, oh It’s a real n---- 101, oh Look Ayy, coupe me, blue […]