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Category: Quavo

Quavo – LOST Lyrics

LOST by Quavo Released : 2018 [Quavo:] Hope I don’t get lost (Ooh-ooh, ooh) Hope I don’t get lost (Get lost, lost) Lost, in a world (Lost) In this world, […]

Quavo – BUBBLE GUM Lyrics

BUBBLE GUM by Quavo Released : 2018 Buddha Bless this beat F--- with me and get rich (rich) Popped one off then she fly through the six (six) Keep a […]

Quavo – SWING Lyrics

SWING by Quavo Released : 2018 [Quavo:] We get allowed to swing Oh that’s a hot spot (Hot spot) Hit her on the elevator, why not (Why not) Make the […]

Quavo – BIG BRO Lyrics

BIG BRO by Quavo Released : 2018 Dun Deal on the track Is you with me or against me? (With me or against me?) I’m a OG now so you […]

Quavo – LAMB TALK Lyrics

LAMB TALK by Quavo Released : 2018 Ayy Buddah Bless this beat Lamb talk, uh, yeah Lamb talk, Lamborghini (woo) Lamb talk, uh, yeah Lamb talk, Lambo (skrrt) Lamb talk […]

Quavo – GO ALL THE WAY Lyrics

GO ALL THE WAY by Quavo Released : 2018 Huncho (Lights out) Go dumb go stupid (Lights out) Break it down like a blueprint (Lights out) Pipe it up, it’s […]

Quavo – RERUN Lyrics

RERUN by Quavo Released : 2018 [Travis Scott & Quavo:] This n---- man Yah, yeahhh Oh, uh oh, yeah yeah Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, wooaahh Yaah, yuh-yuh She like […]

Quavo – LOSE IT Lyrics

LOSE IT by Quavo Released : 2018 [Quavo:] Yeah, she lookin’ like a movie, yeah (Woo, bad, yeah) I think that I’ma choose her, yeah (Choose her, hoo, yeah) Back […]

Quavo – FUCK 12 Lyrics

F--- 12 by Quavo Released : 2018 [Malcolm X:] We are denied not only civil rights, but even human rights. So the only way we’re going to get some of […]

Quavo – KEEP THAT SHIT Lyrics

KEEP THAT S--- by Quavo Released : 2018 [Quavo:] Keep that s--- (Keep that s---) Keep that s--- over there (Oh) Aye, keep that s--- (Keep that s---) Keep that […]


CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ by Quavo Released : 2018 [Madonna & Quavo:] Drink me up Champagne Rosé (Oh, Huncho did it?) It’s my game (M-M-M-Murda) Please fill my cup Champagne Rosé (Yeah) […]

Quavo – HOW BOUT THAT? Lyrics

HOW BOUT THAT? by Quavo Released : 2018 Romano OG Parker We keep it goin’ let’s go (Go) Don’t need no keys to go (No keys) F-----’ with me, get […]

Quavo – WORKIN ME Lyrics

WORKIN ME by Quavo Released : 2018 M-M-M-Murda Work, work Workin’ me (Work), she workin’ me (Work, work) Urgin’ me (Urge), it be urgin’ me (Yeah, yeah) Just let up […]

Quavo – SHINE Lyrics

SHINE by Quavo Released : 2018 Tay Keith, f--- these n----- up! Two more drinks bet she going for sure (Two) Low key dates, uh, nobody knows (No, nobody) Get […]

Quavo – GIVE IT TO EM Lyrics

GIVE IT TO EM by Quavo Released : 2018 Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh It’s Buddah Beats [Quavo:] I’m like Odell with the contracts (Odell) Scratch that I’m up fifteen mil, that’s a fun […]