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Category: Quinn XCII

From Michigan With Love (2019)

01. Holding Hands
02. Autopilot
03. Life Must Go On
04. U & Us
05. Werewolf
06. Tough
07. Matches
08. When I Die
09. Abel & Cain
10. Sad Still
11. Good Thing Go
12. Right Where You Should Be

Quinn XCII – Stacy Lyrics

Quinn XCII : Stacy Lyrics At the 50 yard line I saw her feet She was under the bleachers waiting for me No I never get high but I’m smoking […]

Quinn XCII – Sad Still Lyrics

Sad Still Lyrics by Quinn XCII [Quinn XCII] We don’t wanna feel this bad Rather sweep it under the mat We take this red pill, green pill, black pill I […]

Quinn XCII – Abel & Cain Lyrics

Abel & Cain Lyrics by Quinn XCII [Quinn XCII] Innocent, you’re standing all alone So how do I have the nerve to call you out in front of my friends? […]

Quinn XCII – Matches Lyrics

Matches Lyrics by Quinn XCII [Quinn XCII & Cautious Clay] Why am I obsessed with self-destructiveness? Say I need you less Cycle through refresh and fear of loneliness Seems I’ll […]

Quinn XCII – Werewolf Lyrics

Werewolf Lyrics by Quinn XCII [Quinn XCII] I don’t wanna see your face again Unless you dancin’ in the crowd with your best friend Tryna make the past irrelevant So […]

Quinn XCII – Autopilot Lyrics

Autopilot Lyrics by Quinn XCII [Quinn XCII] Dear fear, I have met you Laying down in this bedroom I feel like I’m on Neptune Open windows to breathe again There’s […]

Quinn XCII – U & Us Lyrics

U & Us Lyrics by Quinn XCII [Quinn XCII] I lie here restless like lines for a guest list Waiting for your message, I call out your name But nobody […]

Quinn XCII – Holding Hands Lyrics

Holding Hands Lyrics by Quinn XCII (feat. Elohim) [Quinn XCII] Crazy, stupid love birds Cupid struck us, now we’re falling out Drove in silence, put on mileage Five years wasted, […]

Quinn XCII – Life Must Go On Lyrics

Life Must Go On Lyrics by Quinn XCII [Quinn XCII] I’m in shambles since I blew my 16th candle It’s the little things that I can’t handle And we’re still […]

Quinn XCII – Tough Lyrics

Tough Lyrics Quinn XCII (feat. Noah Kahan) [Quinn XCII] Maybe it’s ’cause your mom never kissed you If you ever cried, you’d wipe with muscle tissue You bench pressing more […]

Quinn XCII – Iron & Steel Lyrics

Iron & Steel by Quinn XCII Released : 2018 When we ended things, I loved it Celebrated for weeks in a row Thought my life was on the right path […]

Quinn XCII – Worst Lyrics

Worst by Quinn XCII Released : 2017 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. ○ Listen to “Quinn […]

Quinn XCII – Fake Denim Lyrics

Fake Denim by Quinn XCII Released : 2017 All this doesn’t make sense Wasting money I spend All you wanted was rent A hundred dollars worth of fake Denim Got […]

Quinn XCII – Make Time Lyrics

Make Time by Quinn XCII Released : 2017 Genre : Pop You know me Way before my songs were number one for weeks on HypeMachine You said that I’d make […]