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Category: R3HAB

R3HAB & Ella Vos - Exhale Lyrics

R3HAB & Ella Vos – Exhale Lyrics

Exhale By R3HAB & Ella Vos Lyrics I’ll be yours one more night Said there can’t be talk through the side Layin’ next to you Your, your limbs wrapped up […]

R3HAB – Alive Lyrics

Alive by R3HAB (ft. Pangea & DEGO) I, I had a vision of a world in harmony I saw the light Burning above us while we lived our lives in […]

R3HAB – BAD! Lyrics

BAD! Lyrics by R3HAB [R3HAB] Shawty, heard you bad… word? So profane Somethin’ like a bad, word, want your love Call me when you can, girl Goin’ up, goin’ down, […]

R3HAB – Radio Silence Lyrics

Radio Silence by R3HAB Feat. Jocelyn Alice Released : 2018 Even though I’m tired You know how I can’t hold it My head’s full of fire But my blood runs […]

R3HAB – Tell Me It’s Ok Lyrics

Tell Me It’s Ok by R3HAB x Waysons Tell me it’s okay, tell me it’s okay Tell me it’s okay, tell me it’s okay Tell me it’s okay, tell me […]

R3HAB – Wrong Move Lyrics

Wrong Move by R3HAB I guess it’s what one of those nights When I’m bound to want you, bound to want you I guess it’s what one of those nights […]


R3hab – Dana Lyrics

Dana by R3hab Feat. Numidia & Ali B, Cheb Rayan [Louis van Gaal] Hallo beste Marokkanen Ik hoop dat jullie in de finale komen Ouzoud d’atlas, mabrouk maghreb, yallah [Numidia […]

R3HAB – Hold on Tight Lyrics

Hold on Tight by R3HAB Feat. Conor Maynard Released : 2018 Where ever I go I am ready ‘Cause I know you came through the worst I know it’s dark, […]

R3HAB – Lullaby

R3HAB – Lullaby Lyrics

Lullaby by R3HAB Feat. Mike Williams Released : 2018 Hypnotized, this love out of me Without your air I can’t even breathe Lead my way out into the light Sing […]

R3HAB – Ain’t That Why Lyrics

Ain’t That Why by R3HAB Released : 2017 [Krewella:] These hearts are cold, it’s hard no joke We go for broke, lips touch face up You say it yourself, I’m […]

R3HAB – Islands Lyrics

Islands by R3HAB Released : 2017 It’s over, and I’m gone, it’s over Don’t you know I loved you for a reason? Don’t you know I loved you not for […]