Rae Morris – Better Man Lyrics

Better Man Lyrics – ​​​Rae Morris Relinquished pride, it’s no good for you Hang up your coat and your attitude I’ve got no time, for your midweek blues There, there

Rae Morris – Skyscraper Love Lyrics

Skyscraper Love Lyrics – ​​​Rae Morris Thank god our love helps me to levitate Or how would I, how would I plant kisses on your face I need a crane

Rae Morris – Running Shoes Lyrics

Running Shoes Lyrics – ​​​Rae Morris Somewhere far away In a place I used to know There’s a quiet house, where the blueberries grow And the internet’s slow (slow) Somewhere

Rae Morris – The Carrot Lyrics

The Carrot Lyrics – ​​​Rae Morris They pull the reins too tightly Still working on a Friday night Getting paid a donkey’s wage Until they hear us cry And we

Rae Morris – In The Wild Lyrics

In The Wild Lyrics – ​​​Rae Morris I was floating in mid-air Being eternally fun is tiring I was floating in mid-air Silver bullets in my hair Words stopped me

Rae Morris – Low Brow Lyrics

Low Brow Lyrics – Rae Morris Didn’t leave the scene at 19 Somewhere in between, ordinary Ate a lot of fruit from the tree Not a case of thick for

Rae Morris – Go Dancing Lyrics

Go Dancing Lyrics – Rae Morris Imma go dancing, Imma go dancing Imma go dancing I’m gonna dance, I’m gonna dance I’m gonna dance, I’m gonna go dancing With or