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Category: Rak-Su

Rak-Su - Palm Trees lyrics

Rak-Su – Palm Trees lyrics

Palm Trees By Rak-Su T-T-T-Tebi got them Good things (Rak-Su, Rak-Su) Blowin’ the breeze overseas like a palm tree (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh, oh) Sippin’ a coconut come from a palm tree […]

Rak-Su – Girl Lyrics

Girl By Rak-Su Can’t sleep so we stay up If its a dream don’t wanna wake up You’re my hoop let me lay up Used to be a playa, til […]

Rak-Su – Rotate (Clockwise) Lyrics

Rotate (Clockwise) by Rak-Su I just wanna see you rotate clockwise I just wanna see you rotate slowly (Baby, make your body go) Damn, you’re really looking like a snatch […]