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Category: Rationale

Rationale – One By One Lyrics

One By One Lyrics Rationale God, I’ve been lonely, out of my mind Friends tried to console me saying “Take it one single day at a time” I miss your […]

Rationale – Kindred Lyrics

Kindred Lyrics Rationale Set fire fire to my lungs in the morning My mind is a wave Climb high when the tide starts coming But I can’t get away I […]

Rationale – High Hopes Lyrics

High Hopes Lyrics Rationale Give me a love that kind of love I’ve never had That kinda love I won’t give up I won’t pretend That I’m prepared not even […]

Rationale - Explosions Lyrics

Rationale – Explosions Lyrics

Explosions Lyrics Rationale Call it what you… Call it what you wanna Destiny or just a feeling You built a kingdom in a palace Now you’re afraid Afraid You say […]