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Category: Reality Club

Reality Club – The Rush Lyrics

The Rush By Reality Club I miss the feelin’ of feelin’ alive Can’t find a reason, like to think that I tried I wanna hear that raucous roar one more […]

Reality Club – Vita o morte Lyrics

Vita o morte By Reality Club I’ll be leaving soon. No point in staying where desire divides my frigid mind. Made mistakes for you. And just to tell the truth […]

Reality Club – Telenovia Lyrics

Telenovia By Reality Club All along the west, we look to the east The answer’s there in silhouettes But silver’s all above our heads All along we were addicted To […]

Reality Club – Alexandra Lyrics

Alexandra By Reality Club Just like a certain motorbike gang from charming or you’re looking for the old ultraviolence, you’re trouble. Yes I knew right from the start. And the […]

Reality Club – 2112 Lyrics

2112 By Reality Club I’ll fully comprehend why the 21st of December Rings heavy on my battle-worn heart But who are we kidding? Nobody’s winning In this tale of past […]