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Category: Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire – Freedom Lyrics

Freedom Lyrics by Reba McEntire [Reba McEntire] I’m no stranger to the thick smoke of a bar And heart chained to a bottle of whiskey And I’ve held strangers in […]

Reba McEntire – In His Mind Lyrics

In His Mind Lyrics by Reba McEntire [Reba McEntire] He’s got their picture on the mantle The one they took in Destin, 1995 He’s got water in the kettle Her […]

Reba McEntire – The Clown Lyrics

The Clown Lyrics by Reba McEntire [Reba McEntire] After a couple of bottle of red wine, the truth finally came out The words “I don’t love you anymore” spilled from […]

Reba McEntire – Angels Singin Lyrics

Angels Singin by Reba McEntire Album : Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope Genre : Country Released : 2017 Walking down some winding roads, Twisting in some lone […]