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Category: Rich The Kid

Rich the Kid – For Keeps Lyrics

For Keeps Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. NBA Youngboy) (Chase Money Ap) My heart cold, I bet the angels agree These n----- fake, I don’t f--- with them They […]

Rich the Kid – Ring Ring Lyrics

Ring Ring Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. Vory) Your love that’s all I need, yeah Know it ain’t real until she tat my name Everybody feel, but don’t feel […]

Rich the Kid – Racks Out Lyrics

Racks Out Lyrics by Rich the Kid N----- lying ’bout they facts and I don’t dig that N----- showin’ off his girl, now, where your b---- at? I been chasin’ […]

Rich the Kid – Like Mike Lyrics

Like Mike Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. Jay Critch & A Boogie wit da Hoodie) (Nard & B) Motherfuckin’ bum n---- More rain, more change Hey I spend it […]

Rich the Kid – Rockets Lyrics

Rockets Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. Takeoff & Lil Pump) Cookin’ mad flavor That’s my fragrance (Tiger, Cookie!) What’s the point of cuffin’ hoes They ain’t faithful? (What’s the […]

Rich the Kid – Wrong Thing Lyrics

Wrong Thing Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. NAV) (Run that money counter baby) Aye, who the f--- is Marquise? Got the Rolls Royce, it’s a truck (It’s a skrrt) […]

Rich the Kid – Woah Lyrics

Woah Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. Miguel & Ty Dolla $ign) [Miguel:] I wanna ride ’til the sun just I like the sound my name on your tongue ‘Cause […]

Rich the Kid – Two Cups Lyrics

Two Cups Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. Offset & Big Sean) [Offset:] Two cups, two s---- (Two s----) Jump right in it like Iike I’m playin’ double dutch (Ooh) […]

Rich the Kid – Save That Lyrics

Save That Lyrics by Rich the Kid Yeah D.A. got that dope Now I’m rapping, Motorola in the trash (In the trash) All hundreds, tell promoters give me cash (Woo, […]

Rich the Kid – Fall Threw Lyrics

Fall Threw Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. Young Thug & Gunna) [Future:] Wheezy outta here [Rich the Kid:] I got me some twins, identical (what?) I cannot crash the […]

Rich the Kid – WSlide Lyrics

Slide Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. Juice WRLD) Yeah You know what I’m saying? You know? You know, we slide different Ok, girl don’t act bougie Let’s ride (Let’s […]