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Category: Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley – Doors Lyrics

Doors Lyrics by Richard Hawley Here it comes So say goodbye To all you’ve known Throughout your life cause You opened up your mind’s front door You’ve opened up your […]

Richard Hawley – Time Is Lyrics

Time Is Lyrics by Richard Hawley Where have we been to and what did you see? Don’t really know why but it doesn’t bother me Time is on your side […]

Richard Hawley – Galley Girl Lyrics

Galley Girl Lyrics by Richard Hawley I’m in the forest and it’s darkest night An old moon is rising bright My black horse and mask pulled up tight Loaded pistol […]

Richard Hawley – Emilina Says Lyrics

Emilina Says Lyrics by Richard Hawley Well I come back to find Emilina’s got somebody else on her mind And I came back too soon Emilina’s got somebody else in […]

Richard Hawley – Further Lyrics

Further Lyrics by Richard Hawley The ocean is calling As we’re here working in the grime I’ve got a notion for that ocean We’re getting closer all the time And […]

Richard Hawley – Alone Lyrics

Alone Lyrics by Richard Hawley Do you know exactly how I feel And you know, you’re someone in my place And you make me feel So alone and unreal Yeah […]

Richard Hawley – Off My Mind Lyrics

Off My Mind Lyrics By Richard Hawley [Richard Hawley] Reason as to get excited We’re here watching the stars explode Endured thunder and lightning Just about to overload [Richard Hawley] […]