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Category: Rick Ross

Rick Ross – Nobody’s Favorite Lyrics

Nobody’s Favorite By Rick Ross (ft. Gunplay) BIg  blunt still burning in the black big Benz Bad  b---- s------ d---, ’bout to dent my rim Duffle bag full of hundreds, […]

Rick Ross – Summer Reign Lyrics

Summer Reign By Rick Ross (ft. Summer Walker) Summer reign Let’s let the top down H Money Convertible music All I ask is that you hold it down for me […]

Rick Ross – White Lines Lyrics

White Lines By Rick Ross (ft. DeJ Loaf) Yo, Rozay You got the perico? (Maybach Music) (Maybach Music) I hold my head up to the sky While she be snortin’ […]

Rick Ross – Bogus Charms Lyrics

Bogus Charms By Rick Ross (ft. Meek Mill) M’-M’-M’ M’-M’-M’-Maybach Music Broken memories You will find a way Rule number one is you can never rat F------ with you suckers […]

Rick Ross – Born to Kill Lyrics

Born to Kill By Rick Ross (ft. Jeezy) Got a question, you afraid of death? That’s the only question I got for you Huh Flowers on my grave, doves in […]

Rick Ross – Fascinated Lyrics

Fascinated By Rick Ross Such a cloudy day, uh Help  me‚ Lord Yeah  Oh‚ Lord Oh‚ Lord Hold  ya head, n---- Hold  ya head, n---- Lord‚ Lord Oh,  Lord What’s […]

Rick Ross – I Still Pray Lyrics

I Still Pray By Rick Ross (ft. YFN Lucci & Ball Greezy) Rick Ross was reportedly hospitalized early Friday morning Sources close to Rick Ross tell **** that he’s been […]

Running the Streets

Rick Ross – Running the Streets Lyrics

Running the Streets By Rick Ross (ft. Denzel Curry & A Boogie wit da Hoodie) Maybach Music I  just wanted you to know you deserve the world I’m  apologizin’ right […]

Rick Ross – Vegas Residency Lyrics

Vegas Residency By Rick Ross Black Bo, you know we miss you J.U.S.T.I.C.E.  League M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach  Music Since everybody wanna speak they mind Maybach Music Yo,  watchin’ Kanye interview, feel like […]

Rick Ross – Maybach Music VI Lyrics

Maybach Music VI By Rick Ross (ft. John Legend & Lil Wayne) Oh, glidin’ through the city to my place (My place) It feels like we’re floatin’ up in outer […]

Rick Ross – Gold Roses Lyrics

Gold Roses by Rick Ross (feat. Drake) Yeah I’m home now, it’s over now, so… Yeah She got a thing for Chanel vintage that dropped before she could speak English […]

Rick Ross – BIG TYME Lyrics

BIG TYME by Rick Ross (ft. Swizz Beatz) God, thank you For blessing me for everything that you’ve blessed me with They tried to see me down, but we way […]

Rick Ross – Act a Fool Lyrics

Act a Fool by Rick Ross It’s a beautiful day to get some money, and every day is another opportunity to touch some paper So I pray you wanna see […]