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Category: Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty – Hard Lyrics

Hard By Rico Nasty Yeah, you know I don’t never know what to say right here [?] took it to town B----, I be goin’ HARD I getcho n---- HARD […]

Rico Nasty – Fashion Week Lyrics

Fashion Week by Rico Nasty Yeah, Rico, Rico Let me tell y’all what I got on Oh Lord, Jetson made another one (Whoa) Maison Margiela, Fendi (Yeah) Maison Margiela, Louis V (Uh) Maison […]

Rico Nasty – Welcome To The Party Lyrics

Welcome To The Party by Rico Nasty Baby, welcome to the party I’m  off the Molly‚ the Xan‚ the lean That’s  why I’m movin’ retarded (That’s why I’m movin’ retarded) […]

Rico Nasty – Time Flies Lyrics

Time Flies by Rico Nasty I don’t wanna be on the ground when the time flies Had so many friends going “Wonder when it’s my time” I live everyday like […]

Rico Nasty – Smack A Bitch Lyrics

Smack A B---- Lyrics By Rico Nasty Yeah! Yeah! (Rico) Kenny Beats Sugar Trap (Rule number 1) Don’t worry about a b---- who never been in your place (Huh?) Always […]

Rico Nasty – Sandy Lyrics

Sandy Lyrics by Rico Nasty Rico Kennyyyy! [Rico Nasty] High off acid! Fly like Aladdin On the red carpet dressed in high fashion Rico, “How you doin’?” B---- I’m outstandin’ […]

Rico Nasty – Roof Lyrics

Roof Lyrics by Rico Nasty [Rico Nasty] Kenny Beats [Rico Nasty] When I hop out they gon’ call me Rico Bruce When I drop the top I turn that s--- […]

Rico Nasty – Guap (LaLaLa) Lyrics

Guap (LaLaLa) Lyrics Rico Nasty Children, cover up your ears and do the lala sound! (cheers) Woah, B----! Haha, Rico What’s up Kenny? Lalala, what the f---? KEEEEENNNNNYYYYYYYYY Be-bet you, […]