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Category: Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty – Sandy Lyrics

Sandy Lyrics by Rico Nasty Rico Kennyyyy! [Rico Nasty] High off acid! Fly like Aladdin On the red carpet dressed in high fashion Rico, “How you doin’?” B---- I’m outstandin’ […]

Rico Nasty – Roof Lyrics

Roof Lyrics by Rico Nasty [Rico Nasty] Kenny Beats [Rico Nasty] When I hop out they gon’ call me Rico Bruce When I drop the top I turn that s--- […]

Rico Nasty – Guap (LaLaLa) Lyrics

Guap (LaLaLa) Lyrics Rico Nasty Children, cover up your ears and do the lala sound! (cheers) Woah, B----! Haha, Rico What’s up Kenny? Lalala, what the f---? KEEEEENNNNNYYYYYYYYY Be-bet you, […]