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Category: Rihanna

Rihanna – Now I Know Lyrics

Now I Know Lyrics by Rihanna [Rihanna] Took a chance Rolled the dice of me and you Opened up, let you in my world Like a dance, started slow and […]

Rihanna – Rush Lyrics

Rush Lyrics by Rihanna [Kardinal Offishall] Start time, no Miss Rihanna Kardinal Offishall Celebrity face The galdem rush to feel the ill touch Galdem ball and gyal them a scream […]

Rihanna - Let Me Lyrics

Rihanna – Let Me Lyrics

Let Me Lyrics by Rihanna [Rihanna] Boy, let me, let me Why don’t you let me, let me Boy, let me, let me Let me do those things for you […]

Rihanna – Music Of The Sun Lyrics

Music Of The Sun Lyrics by Rihanna [Rihanna] Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh, yeah [Rihanna] Listen, closely Hear the music playing Let it take you to places far away and relax your senses […]

Rihanna – Willing To Wait Lyrics

Willing To Wait Lyrics by Rihanna [Rihanna] Baby, slow down Just hear me out There’s something I gotta let you know No need to push No need to rush You […]