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Category: Rita Ora

Rita Ora – For You Lyrics

For You Lyrics Rita Ora [Rita Ora:] In your eyes I’m alive Inside you’re beautiful Something so unusual In your eyes I know I’m home Every tear, every fear Gone […]

Rita Ora – First Time High Lyrics

First Time High Lyrics Rita Ora Midnight by a fire on the beach At the end of my best friend’s street In the woods hidin’ behind the tree It was […]

Rita Ora – Only Want You Lyrics

Only Want You Lyrics Rita Ora I don’t want another night of tryna Find another you, another rock bottom I don’t wanna wear another mini dress To impress a potential […]

Rita Ora - New Look Lyrics

Rita Ora – New Look Lyrics

New Look Lyrics Rita Ora Lyrics will be available soon Phoenix (Album 2018) 01.  Anywhere 02.  Let You Love Me 03.  New Look 04.  Lonely Together 05.  Your Song 06.  […]

Rita Ora – Falling To Pieces Lyrics

Falling To Pieces Lyrics Rita Ora You come, I go When I’m high, you’re low (lo-w) Taking shots on the frontline Not love, but we had the time You’re such […]

Rita Ora – Cashmere Lyrics

Rita Ora – Cashmere Lyrics

Cashmere Lyrics Rita Ora City lights, blurry face Been missing the feeling, the mistakes Took a walk, fast pace Shoes off, only four blocks to your place Had to climb […]