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Category: Robin Schulz

Robin Schulz – In Your Eyes Lyrics

In Your Eyes By Robin Schulz (feat. Alida) Hearing whispers in the night Voices filling up your mind You’re like a ghost of you You’ve been drowning in the rain […]

Robin Schulz – Rather Be Alone Lyrics

Rather Be Alone by Robin Schulz: With every little sip I’m envious because Wish I was on your lips, ooh-ooh I’m jealous of the wind That’s running through your hair And all over […]

Robin Schulz – All This Love Lyrics

All This Love Lyrics by Robin Schulz (feat. Harlœ) Released: May 3, 2019 Genre: Dance 2 AM in this cheap hotel Thought a little bit of space would help us […]

Robin Schulz – Oh Child Lyrics

Oh Child by Robin Schulz Oh child, will you ever get by? Will you listen to things I say? We don’t know the difference from your wrong or right We’ll […]