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Category: ROLE MODEL

ROLE MODEL – say it first Lyrics

say it first By ROLE MODEL Always been one for Biting my tongue ’til Blood starts to fill my mouth And oh how romantic We both like to panic When there’s something to […]

ROLE MODEL – ​notice me Lyrics

notice me By ROLE MODEL Talk dirty, you got your hand in my jeans (Jeans) You’re perfect, and everything in between (‘Tween) Mm, yeah, keep moaning, ’cause we’re making a scene (Scene) Keep going, […]

ROLE MODEL – hello! Lyrics

hello! By ROLE MODEL You don’t know why I’m upset, neither do I I’m fine if you let me be alone when I cry I never really talk much, keep it inside To find […]

ROLE MODEL – ​gucci chair Lyrics

gucci chair By ROLE MODEL Put your hands ’round my neck Skin is rough like the s-- One day I’m a mess And the next I’m the best Put your legs in the […]

ROLE MODEL – play the part Lyrics

play the part Lyrics by ROLE MODEL I’m too high, blink my eyes are Feels like Summer flew by I missed my chance to dancing in the moonlight A day […]