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ROSIE – Potential Lyrics

Potential Lyrics – ROSIE You would fight for all the things that make you happy Open up to me without me even asking You would never shut me out or

ROSIE – Someone You Once Had Lyrics

Someone You Once Had Lyrics – ROSIE Were you always so good at pushing people away? Running from everyone ‘til they give up the chase Is it just in your

ROSIE – Good For Me Lyrics

Good For Me Lyrics – ROSIE Hate that I feel like I don’t deserve you And you deserve so much better than me I think that you’ll have my heart

ROSIE – Something I Hate Lyrics

Something I Hate Lyrics – ROSIE I want thinner thighs I know that you don’t think so but I do And I’m an ugly crier So I try not to

ROSIE – Screaming Underwater Lyrics

Screaming Underwater Lyrics – ROSIE Think I need a new pillow case ‘Cause I’ve been crying on this one all night Just reminds that we’re close to breaking Guess I’ll

ROSIE – to get over you Lyrics

to get over you Lyrics – ROSIE I’m still getting used to my bed feeling queen-size I’m still getting used to my space on the right side New blankets, I’m

ROSIE – Idk you at all Lyrics

Idk you at all Lyrics – ROSIE IDK you at all Thought I did I was wrong All the nights you cooked me dinner We were dancing in the kitchen

ROSIE – All my favorite songs Lyrics

All my favorite songs Lyrics – ROSIE Coffee makes me anxious but I drink it ’cause it tastes like you (Mm-mm) Converse hurts my feet but I still wear ’em

ROSIE – Social Stamina Lyrics

Social Stamina Lyrics – ROSIE I lost touch with all my friends I’m in bed by ten PM, I have no social stamina I cancel on all my plans, I

ROSIE – Sad Sad Sad Lyrics

Sad Sad Sad Lyrics – ROSIE Too many restless nights my body’s shaking My head hurts gotta stomach ache Too many sleepless nights and i’m impatient Like a war inside

ROSIE – Retail Therapy Lyrics

Retail Therapy Lyrics – ROSIE I’ve been doing too much retail therapy You left me with a box of empty memories That’s all I have left of you Thought I

ROSIE – Never the 1 Lyrics

Never the 1 Lyrics – ROSIE Met you in October You talked sweet and a little slow And I thought mmm I think I mmm Warm eyes and your hands