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Category: Rowlan

Rowlan – Run Away Lyrics

Rowlan – Run Away Lyrics [Rowlan] Aint no more peeking from basements Weather reports from the source Keep my slider wide open I keep my air low of course My […]

Rowlan – Moment Forelife Lyrics

Moment Forelife By Rowlan I wish that I could have this moment this moment for life Holding it tight Doubted by so many look Not one of them right Damn […]

Rowlan – Roll One Lyrics

Roll One By Rowlan Heavenly Father sit down It’s time to roll one I channel emotions And filter old ones I give Praise when it’s due And pray that Hope […]

Rowlan – stand down Lyrics

stand down Lyrics Rowlan [Verse 1: Rowlan] Hey Yo this type of shit that make Charlamagne mad Said I’m a dog Type to make her wanna train that No leash […]

Rowlan – selfish love Lyrics

selfish love by Rowlan Released : 2018 It’s like 18′ you got a new life What if I wasn’t ready Been a whole year No more lectures Cause I think […]

Rowlan – Make Me Snap Lyrics

Make Me Snap by Rowlan Released : 2018 Make Me Snap Lyrics : Hey, yeah I think it’s time we write my life down All for this world that stole […]