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Category: Ruelle

Ruelle – Empires Lyrics

Empires by Ruelle Released : 2018 A storm is coming Desire burns A war is calling The tides are turned Empires rise Empires fall We live or die To take […]

Come Fly With Me Lyrics

Ruelle – Come Fly With Me Lyrics

Come Fly With Me by Ruelle Released : 2018 Let’s fly away Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away If you can use some exotic booze There’s a […]

Genesis Lyrics

Ruelle – Genesis Lyrics

Genesis by Ruelle Released : 2018 The sky breaks, light reaches for me I’m awake for the first time It’s too late, I’m on the other side My Genesis This […]

Emerge Part II Lyrics

Ruelle – Emerge Part II Lyrics

Emerge Part II by Ruelle Released : 2018 Emerge within me Fade into the galaxy Emerge within me Drift into the deep Ruelle – Emerge (Album 2018) 01.  Emerge Part […]

Ruelle – Emerge Part I Lyrics

Emerge Part I by Ruelle Released : 2018 Echo in my dreams Echo in my dreams Echo in my dreams Crawling through the depths of you Coming over me Drifting […]

Emerge (Album 2018)

Ruelle – Emerge (Album Lyrics)

Album : Emerge Release Date: August 3, 2018 Genre : Alternative Tracklist 01.  Emerge Part I 02.  Emerge Part II 03.  Genesis 04.  Come Fly With Me 05.  Empires 06.  […]

Ruelle – Fire Meets Fate Lyrics

Fire Meets Fate by Ruelle | From Shadowhunters Soundtrack] Like gravity from underneath We can’t outrun our destiny It’s in our flesh, it’s in our blood This reckoning has just […]