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Category: Russ

American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer.


GRAMMY BAG FREESTYLE By Russ Lyrics It’s 4am I’m boutta roll up Workin’ on my second blow up Simultaneously workin’ on an app I call up Foda No more soda […]

Russ – OLD DAYS Lyrics

OLD DAYS by Russ Riding ’round Atlanta, windows down, yeah, I’m cruising Family fell apart ’cause of money, it got ruined Now I’m lighting up more than ever, getting zooted […]

Russ - ON 10 Lyrics

Russ – ON 10 Lyrics

ON 10 by Russ: ON 10 Lyrics: I walk in on 10 (Ayy), I’m gassed up Mix that with the Hen’ (Bravo, bravo), I act up Think I say “Amen” […]

Russ – Grammy Bag Lyrics

Grammy Bag by Russ: It’s 4am I’m boutta roll up Workin’ on my second blow up Simultaneously workin’ on an app I call up Foda, No more soda, Tryna tone up Manitoba’s where […]

Russ – Crown Lyrics

Crown by Russ: Girl, you so lowkey, you make your money, mind your business Ain’t no f------ rapper in this world could say he hit this You badder than the […]

Russ – RENT FREE Lyrics

RENT FREE by Russ I live inside my enemies head rent free I ain’t never met you, but you met me It must be the Hennessy, it must be the weed Bunch of f------ […]

Russ – Summer At 7 Lyrics

Summer At 7 by Russ Girl, you look like summer at seven, yeah, I think I’m in Heaven I  can’t get you outta my mind I  was movin’ real fast, […]

Russ - Paranoid Lyrics

Russ – Paranoid Lyrics

Paranoid by Russ I’ve been feelin’ paranoid I’ve been feelin’ paranoid Every day and everywhere I go I’ve been-I’ve been feelin’ paranoid (Yeah, Yeah) Pistol on my lap while I […]

Russ – Civil War Lyrics

Civil War by Russ [Russ] Yeah, I know she was stupid Yeah, come on [Russ] Call my phone (Yeah) I don’t want to text you anymore I just want to […]

Russ – AINT GOIN BACK Lyrics

AINT GOIN BACK Lyrics by Russ Ain’t no f------ way I’m going back Got way too much s--- to take care of And I’m having way too much fun pissing […]

Russ – Alright Lyrics

Alright Lyrics by Russ [Russ] Yeah Yo, I’ma just write a letter the only way I know how, ya feel me? I just hope y’all listen, for real Alright I […]

Russ – Fix This Lyrics

Fix This Lyrics by Russ [Russ] I’m dealin’ with a lot of pain I don’t know which way to go Tell it all to go away But it be comin’ […]

Russ – Nobody Knows Lyrics

Nobody Knows Lyrics by Russ [Russ] Mask up my pain, hold back my tears I’m going insane; nobody knows All by myself, let the rain hit me I’m going insane; […]

Zoo Lyrics

Russ – ZOO (Album Cover, Lyrics & Tracklist)

Album : ZOO Release Date: September 7, 2018 Genre : Hip Hop/Rap ZOO Tracklist 1. The Flute Song 2. Outlaw 3. Kill Them All 4. Missin’ You Crazy 5. Voicemail 6. Parkstone Drive 7. Begging You 8. Serious […]