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Russell James Vitale, better known by his stage name Russ, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. After years of releasing albums, mixtapes and singles for free online, Russ released his twelfth studio album, There’s Really a Wolf, in May 2017 through Columbia Records; it was certified Platinum in April 2018.

Russ – Wicked Race Lyrics

Wicked Race Lyrics -‪ Russ Yeah 30 and hotter than ever I know my spirits made me millions like Connor McGregor I took the long way but I never stopped

Russ – Blow The Whistle Lyrics

Blow The Whistle Lyrics -‪ Russ Yeah Statik Chomp 2.5, haha Just a lil something to hold y’all over Come on! Yeah, yeah, okay Both my parents courtside took them

Russ – Buckle Up Freestyle Lyrics

Buckle Up Freestyle Lyrics -‪ Russ Yeah, yeah (Buckle up) Yeah, I should’ve [?] First time on a Havoc beat Legendary Always I’m in some shit Okay I’m just tryna

Russ – Easy Lyrics

Easy Lyrics -‪ Russ Yeah (Here we go again) Chomp 2.5 (Move back) Alchemist, classic shit only I got a flight in about an hour, but it’s all good, it’s

Russ – Reflection Lyrics

Reflection Lyrics -‪ Russ Beats from BOI1DA, this shit got me reminiscing Used to dream about the life I’m livin’ I need a minute But I rarely get a second

Russ – Perfectionist Lyrics

Perfectionist Lyrics -‪ Russ I’m a recovering perfectionist, a self-destructive specialist My 32nd session with my therapist is evidence That I can’t see I’ve made it, I’m like Dee Brown,

Russ – Fall For You (Cover) Lyrics

Fall For You (Cover) Lyrics – Russ The best thing ’bout tonight’s that we’re not fighting Could it be that we have been this way before? I know you don’t

Russ – Fire Lyrics

Fire Lyrics – Russ Outside on the phone, I don’t wanna hit her up You insist, grab my (Uh) Tell your friend you’ll call her back (Tell your friend you’ll

Russ – Nasty Lyrics

Lyrics to Nasty by Russ Yeah, I want you to get nasty, nasty Yeah, I want you to get nasty, nasty Yeah, I want you to get nasty Do that

Russ – Gimme Love Lyrics

Gimme Love Lyrics – Russ You give me love, give me love and affection Real direction, real connection Give me love, give me love Give me love, give me love

Russ – Can’t Get This Right Lyrics

Can’t Get This Right Lyrics – Russ Can’t get this right, a thousand tries in, yeah Won’t hit me back, I guess I’m vibin’, yeah What are we doin’, why

Russ – PUT YOU ON GAME Lyrics

PUT YOU ON GAME Lyrics – Russ Lemme put you on game (C’mon) Don’t listen to people who lose, or you’ll do the same (Fuck y’all doin’?) Stop talkin’ to

Russ – Home Lyrics

Home Lyrics – Russ I missed her so much that I made her Mrs. (Yeah) Feel like I hit the lottery win, when I saved the digits (facts) I payed

Russ – Too Much Lyrics

Too Much Lyrics – Russ Shit goin’ crazy (It is), on the daily I don’t see a reason why the fuck I should stop now (Yeah) Thought I was the

Russ – BET Lyrics

BET Lyrics – Russ Bet, bet, bet, bet Bet, bet, bet, bet Bet, bet, bet, bet Bet, bet, bet, bet I know exactly how all of this goes Too real

Russ – Last Night Lyrics

Russ picks up the pieces of a broken heart on his, “Last Night”, the follow-up to his previous “That Was Me”.
You left me stranded
Don’t know what to do with what I’m handed
Don’t know where to go and where I’m landing, if I’m landing
Did you plan this?
Oh it’s damaging
I’m unraveling
Hardly managing
Most days battling questions I don’t have answers too
Like what did I what did I what did I what did I do?

Russ – That Was Me Lyrics

That Was Me Lyrics – Russ You know that was me, stayin’ up, puttin’ work in Makin’ sure my family was good, we were hurtin’ Dad lost his job, bank

Russ & Ed Sheeran – Are You Entertained Lyrics

Are You Entertained Lyrics – Russ & Ed Sheeran Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Every time, every night is a loose one And every flight, you know

Russ – Paddington Freestyle Lyrics

Paddington Freestyle Lyrics – Russ I feel like I’m outrapping everyone dawg Haha! Yeah, I do it, fuck y’all C’mon Everything sounding stale it’s time to freshen up (For real)

Russ – Yes Sir Lyrics

Yes Sir Lyrics – Russ Lyrics Yes sir, baby I’m a boss, they say yes sir Yes sir, yes sir Yeah Yes sir, baby I’m a boss, they say yes