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Category: Russ

American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer.



PIRANHA FREESTYLE Lyrics Russ Bumpin’ my old shit for perspective I became who I looked up to when I was seven That’s a win in my book Your girl loves […]

Russ - SEDUCE Lyrics

Russ – SEDUCE Lyrics

SEDUCE Lyrics Russ Uh Don’t look at me like that Unless you realy like that You know my body, I don’t have time to wait, oh no I pull up, […]

Russ - Utah Freestyle Lyrics

Russ – Utah Freestyle Lyrics

Utah Freestyle Lyrics – Russ Damn, this beat is crazy Who made…? Oh, I did, haha Let me just update I’ve been balancin’ my chakras in the mountains out in […]

Russ - CAN'T LET GO Lyrics

Russ – CAN’T LET GO Lyrics

CAN’T LET GO Lyrics – Russ Yeah Mhm, yeah I can’t let go (Can’t let go) Yeah, mhm [No] matter how much we fight, can’t let go of you (Go […]



THINKTOOMUCH Lyrics – Russ Okay, maybe I think too much but that’s on me (That’s on me) Okay, maybe I drink too much but that’s on me (That’s on me) […]

Russ - ITALY Lyrics

Russ – ITALY Lyrics

ITALY Lyrics – Russ Just got back from Italy (Haha) Don’t give a fuck if y’all sick of me Y’all can’t get rid of me (Y’all can’t get rid of […]

Russ - FATE Lyrics

Russ – FATE Lyrics

FATE Lyrics – Russ Yeah Man, I be gettin’ frustrated sometimes but I’m just gonna chill You feel me? Come on, yeah One way or another, I’ma figure this out […]

Russ - LAKE COMO Lyrics

Russ – LAKE COMO Lyrics

LAKE COMO Lyrics – Russ Lets go shop in Paris this ain’t SoHo I know it’s your dream to come with me and see Lake Como I’mma make it happen […]

Russ - Cheers Lyrics

Russ – Cheers Lyrics

Cheers Lyrics – Russ Yeah, thank You God Thank You God Hah, for real Yeah Girl been bad, money been good, mama been set, yeah Blow this cash like I […]

Russ - Nothing I Won’t Do Lyrics

Russ – Nothing I Won’t Do Lyrics

Nothin I Won’t Do Lyrics – Russ There’s nothing I won’t do Nothing that I won’t do, whoa, yeah I know you more than just your looks but you the […]

Russ - On the Way Lyrics

Russ – On the Way Lyrics

On the Way Lyrics – Russ Heh, yeah Please get this right real quick Still goin’ For life, yeah Talked to myself and the universe eavesdropped Fresh outta faith, had […]