Ruston Kelly – Breakdown Lyrics

Breakdown Lyrics – Ruston Kelly Am I thinking twisted Am I thinking straight Am I about to breakdown How much of me I’m giving Is that the price to pay

Ruston Kelly – Mending Song Lyrics

Mending Song Lyrics – Ruston Kelly I was born in Carolina Near the paper mill I learned the town was haunted Rebels had been killed Something grew up twisted in

Ruston Kelly – The Weakness Lyrics

The Weakness Lyrics – Ruston Kelly Have you been waiting here a long time? The traffic sucks on the Northside Did you order yet or should we wait? How are

Ruston Kelly – Pressure Lyrics

Pressure By Ruston Kelly Feeling comes Then it goes I’m thinking fast I’m moving slow Wish I could Then I don’t I probably will But I hope I won’t Give

Ruston Kelly – Radio Cloud Lyrics

Radio Cloud By Ruston Kelly Call me a misfit King of the crows Out on the hills Or the telephone poles Hang in the silence Till I got something to

Ruston Kelly – Rubber Lyrics

Rubber By Ruston Kelly Wait and seeIf the stones on my feetTurn to rubbleOn the open seaFloat or sinkI am rubberOnly rubber But the man in the cave is quietSmiling

Ruston Kelly – Brave Lyrics

Brave By Ruston Kelly Who am I and how will I Be remembered when I die? What will I leave behind? Don’t give a damn about what they may say

Ruston Kelly – Mockingbird Lyrics

Mockingbird by Ruston Kelly Pretty range, you’re the prettiest thing You’re like Parker Posey in a magazine With fitted jeans and crop top back in ninety-three I wanna be your

Ruston Kelly – Jericho Lyrics

Jericho by Ruston Kelly You can walk, walk to the pasture There’s no house on Mercy Street You might get lost in the company of angels Ignoring the stones tied