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Category: Ruth B.

Album: Maybe I’ll Find You Again EP 2019

01. Don’t Disappoint Me
02. Slow Fade
03. Crave
04. Sycamore Tree
05. Rare

Album : Safe Haven (2017)

01. Mixed Signals
02. Dandelions
03. Unrighteous
04. Superficial Love
05. If This is Love
06. Lost Boy
07. Young
08. If By Chance
09. World War 3
10. Safe Haven
11. In My Dreams
12. First Time

Ruth B. – Crave Lyrics

Been a couple months since I told you “hit the road” You’re a stranger now, but that’s how it always goes Remember when you told me it was me and […]

Ruth B. – Slow Fade Lyrics

Late nights, are you sleepless too? Wide awake in the starless blue Staring up at the ceiling Do you feel what I’m feeling? Little fights at the weekend do You […]

Ruth B. – Unrighteous Lyrics

Unrighteous by Ruth B. Album : Safe Haven Released : 2017 Genre : Alternative Rock/Singer-Songwriters Label : Columbia I feel bad inside knowing this is all built on lies I […]