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Category: Ryan Trey

R&B singer/songwriter “Ryan Trey” who released his debut project EIGHT24 during his senior year of high school. He is best recognized for the single “Real,” which was picked up by a number of popular music blogs including NewSickMusic. In 2018, he released the song “Temptations.”

Ryan Trey – LV Smoke Lyrics

LV Smoke by Ryan Trey (Hook) Super, Fly check the Louva‚Äôs (Louie V) Louie V check from the boot up, Did his thing, gotta shoot him. Been playin too nice […]

Ryan Trey – Mutual Butterflies Lyrics

Lyrics Mutual Butterflies [Alex Orr] Wassup ladies and gentlemen This your host DJ Sentra How y’all doing on this fine summer evening The time is now 7:50 and it’s 76 […]

Ryan Trey – Nowhere To Run Lyrics

Look down on it Everything good and you know that i want it Swoop down on you, yeah Yeah, i see somethig, and you know mama Ice drank puring, yeah […]