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Category: Saint Jhn

SAINt JHN - Roses Lyrics

SAINt JHN – Roses Lyrics

Sorry Not Sorry By Ivan B Roses I walked in the corner with the body screaming dolo Never sold a bag but look like Pablo in a photo This gon’ […]

SAINt JHN – Ransom Lyrics

SAINt JHN – Ransom Lyrics

Ransom By SAINt JHN Holidays in California quite strange The height change but the sight same I’m just adjusting to the price change Truth is I’m just in a better […]

SAINt JHN – Wedding Day Lyrics

Wedding Day by SAINt JHN Girl we can never get divorce if I marry You tryna find all the emotions I bury You tryna see who I am tonight, but I vary Shit that […]

SAINt JHN – 5 Thousand Singles Lyrics

5 Thousand Singles by SAINt JHN Ayy, you got 50? Nah, nah, you don’t change from that shit Back to the back, took it up to the max Where them niggas wanna’ act […]

SAINt JHN – 94 Bentley Lyrics

94 Bentley by SAINt JHN Burn it down, burn it down, speedin’ down ready Heaven don’t let me down, comin’ down heavy Brooklyn nigga, ridin’ low in the Chevy Make this ’94 feel like […]

SAINt JHN – I Can Fvcking Tell Lyrics

I Can Fvcking Tell by SAINt JHN I can fucking tell, you still love me still Been through fuckin’ Hell ridin’ our way I can fucking tell, you still love me still They […]