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Category: Saint Jhn

SAINt JHN – 5 Thousand Singles Lyrics

5 Thousand Singles by SAINt JHN Ayy, you got 50? Nah, nah, you don’t change from that s--- Back to the back, took it up to the max Where them n----- wanna’ act […]

SAINt JHN – 94 Bentley Lyrics

94 Bentley by SAINt JHN Burn it down, burn it down, speedin’ down ready Heaven don’t let me down, comin’ down heavy Brooklyn n----, ridin’ low in the Chevy Make this ’94 feel like […]

SAINt JHN – I Can Fvcking Tell Lyrics

I Can Fvcking Tell by SAINt JHN I can f------ tell, you still love me still Been through f-----’ Hell ridin’ our way I can f------ tell, you still love me still They […]

SAINt JHN – Who Do You Blame Lyrics

Who Do You Blame by SAINt JHN Have him for word F--- that, you’re levelin’ up Leave that n---- in the dirt Take him back here for work Lamborghini for my boys All […]

SAINt JHN – Borders Lyrics

Borders by SAINt JHN Baby, let’s close up Baby, come close to me, don’t create borders Take me in comfortably, don’t be difficult Baby girl, who hurt you? Don’t be miserable Baby, let me […]

SAINt JHN – Trophies Lyrics

Trophies by SAINt JHN This one ain’t for baby, this is for the Juice Crew This is for them b------ that thought I had a loose screw M--------- them haters, […]

SAINt JHN – Monica Lewinsky Lyrics

Monica Lewinsky by SAINt JHN She’s my Monica Lewinsky She gon’ bust it right here, ’cause it’s whisky She got a code like DaVinci Only gotta’ text one time that you miss me […]

SAINt JHN – Cult4Ever Lyrics

Cult4Ever by SAINt JHN I could love you like forever You could be my n---- ’til the day we both die You keep me alive forever And I don’t want nobody else, a n---- […]

SAINt JHN – Anything Can Happen Lyrics

Anything Can Happen By SAINt JHN (feat. Meek Mill) Anything can happen’ when you out here poppin’ every night Gotta’  risk it all tryna live a legendary life Gotta’  keep […]

SAINt JHN – Trap Lyrics

Trap Lyrics By SAINt JHN (feat. Lil Baby) Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, heya (Fallen) Only love a real n---- ever knew was trap, I trap, I trap Really came […]