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Sam Feldt – Crying On The Dancefloor Lyrics

Lyrics to Crying On The Dancefloor by Sam Feldt , Jonas Blue & Violet Days Tonight I won’t be crying on the dancefloor I ain’t got no time for no

Sam Feldt & Cate Downey – Enough To Drink Lyrics

Enough To Drink Lyrics – Sam Feldt & Cate Downey Did you drink enough to miss me Or did you miss me enough to drink? Did you mean it when

Sam Feldt – Better Lyrics

Better Lyrics – Sam Feldt I know your heart’s feelin’ heavier the most It’s hard to talk when you can’t pick up the phone Feels like it’s rainin’ no matter

Sam Feldt – Future In Your Hands Lyrics

Future In Your Hands Lyrics – Sam Feldt (feat. Aloe Blacc) Whole lotta years have passed me by Whole lotta hearts that I let sail into the night I’ve always

Sam Feldt & MONSTA X – Late Night Feels Lyrics

Late Night Feels Lyrics – Sam Feldt & MONSTA X What if we go missin’? Turn off both our phones Making bad decisions Do some things we won’t Do when

Sam Feldt – Hate Me Lyrics

Hate Me Lyrics – Sam Feldt (I hate me for loving you) I try to make you happy till I’m sad You only say you love me when I’m mad

Sam Feldt & Rita Ora – Follow Me Lyrics

Follow Me Lyrics – Sam Feldt & Rita Ora When the days stop hurting and the rain has dried I know you’re the person I want by my side Scared

Sam Feldt – Call On Me Lyrics

Call On Me Lyrics – Sam Feldt Remember the sunset drives Under the scarlet sky We kept the dream alive When it was burning low, yeah I didn’t know it

Sam Feldt – The Riddle Lyrics

The Riddle Lyrics – Sam Feldt I can’t get a break within one My heart is singing one step away, don’t give it up Oh I’m tired of waiting, so

Sam Feldt – Pick Me Up Lyrics

Pick Me Up Lyrics – Sam Feldt Darkness comes, daylight goes You wait forever even if I don’t Summer rain, sleepless nights In any weather I’m safe inside Your arms

Sam Feldt – Everything About You Lyrics

Everything About You Lyrics – Sam Feldt I love how you wake me in the morning I hate how you leave your shit around It might get rough, but it’s

Sam Feldt & KARMA CHILD – The Best Days Lyrics

The Best Days Lyrics – Sam Feldt & KARMA CHILD I, I believe That the answer is more simple Than we’re make it out to be And you, you’d just

Sam Feldt – Home Sweet Home Lyrics

Home Sweet Home Lyrics – Sam Feldt I’ve been on many different places Don’t know how I’m ended here This is the fool of [?] spaces Don’t know what they

Sam Feldt & The Him – Use Your Love Lyrics

Use Your Love Lyrics By Sam Feldt & The Him To myself that I didn’t care All that while when you’re standing there Like a child that was running scared

Sam Feldt – Far Away From Home Lyrics

Far Away From Home By Sam Feldt Far away from home but you’re in my mind Everywhere I go, you’re by my side Take me far, that road, when the

Sam Feldt – Hold Me Close Lyrics

Hold Me Close By Sam Feldt   Voices in my head sing, la la la la la, la la la Voices in my head sing Hold me innocently Suddenly, it’s

Sam Feldt – 2 Hearts Lyrics

2 Hearts BY Sam Feldt Come here, darling, think it’s time Let your heart open up Choose to love, broken wild Leaving you lost and scarred You’ve been lonely just

Sam Feldt – Winter Wonderland Lyrics

Winter Wonderland By Sam Feldt Lyrics Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane snow is glistening A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, Walking in a Winter Wonderland! Gone

Sam Feldt – Magnets (EP Lyrics)

Artist: Sam Feldt Release date: May 24, 2019 Genre: Electronic/Dance Tracklist: 1. Magnets 2. Hide & Seek 3. Lose My Colours 4. One Day 5. Post Malone Listen: Magnets EP

Sam Feldt – Lose My Colours Lyrics

Lose My Colours Lyrics by Sam Feldt What if I lose all my colours Would you run off like the others And if outside there was trouble Would you believe