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Category: Sam Fender

Sam Fender – The Borders Lyrics

The Borders by Sam Fender We were like brothers Everybody said we looked the same You’re a little taller, and broader, and bolder We were afraid of your mother Hell, […]

Sam Fender – Will We Talk? Lyrics

Sam Fender is pleased to share, “Will We Talk?”, the final single to drop ahead of his forthcoming debut album this Summer. Hypersonic Missiles is set for release on September […]

Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles Lyrics

Hypersonic Missiles Lyrics By Sam Fender [Sam Fender] Dutch kids huff balloons in the parking lot The golden arches illuminate the business park I eat myself to death, feed the […]

Sam Fender – Leave Fast Lyrics

Leave Fast Lyrics Sam Fender The dark grey vistas of this weathered place The blue star on The Nautilus The old boys like chimneys The mass of filth and rubbish […]

Sam Fender – That Sound Lyrics

That Sound Lyrics Sam Fender Serotonin stole the moment The best of me was left under the bedsheets on that somber morning Dying for some REM My mind is always […]

Sam Fender - Spice Lyrics

Sam Fender – Spice Lyrics

Spice Lyrics Sam Fender Bright kid, leaves school Gets job, hates it Fakes it, too long Sees no, way out Can’t talk, to girls No s--, for years Loses, his […]

Sam Fender – Dead Boys Lyrics

Dead Boys Lyrics Sam Fender The anniversaries are short lived But they come back around at break neck speed My world spins so fast The centrifugal force keep me stuck […]

Sam Fender – Poundshop Kardashians Lyrics

Poundshop Kardashians Lyrics Sam Fender I drink and watch the zoo in motion Beautiful people devoid of emotion Sterilised, pedicured, pedigrees and mankind Think it’s f------ soulless and no longer […]