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Category: Sam Tompkins

sam tompkins – kings Lyrics

kings By sam tompkins Time is of the essence and that’s why life’s a bitch So i’ll get all my bredrins Take them beneath my wing And we’ll just fly […]

sam tompkins – google luv Lyrics

google luv By sam tompkins Throwin’ stones is easy for ya Broken bones, I’m here for ya Always, always I can’t lie I fear for ya Till I’m left in […]

Sam Tompkins - Follow Suit Lyrics

Sam Tompkins – Follow Suit Lyrics

Follow Suit By Sam Tompkins Lyrics Life can be so temporary Lost myself today, it’s scary Lately you been on my mind Someone take this pain and I’ll go blind […]

Sam Tompkins – Faded Lyrics

Faded By Sam Tompkins Lyrics I’ll be patient Usually I’m sick and tired of all this waiting But tonight I got the time But when you faded, you never read […]