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Category: Sammie

Sammie – Grown Man Lyrics

Grown Man By Sammie All my fellas, they keep talkin’ ’bout How I ain’t in these streets no more and how I don’t be chasin’ hoes Don’t get me wrong, I guess it’s funny […]

Sammie – Prada U Lyrics

Prada U By Sammie Well, how do you like it? You get into your paper, girl, I’m proud of you Ain’t worried ’bout no hater, girl, I’m proud of you […]

Sammie – Sleep Lyrics

Sleep By Sammie A nigga want peace Need a good night sleep Sleep, sleep The Fendi weighs And some good night, good night, sleep Not again, not again Thought I […]

Sammie - Times 10 Lyrics

Sammie – Times 10 Lyrics

Times 10 Lyrics by Sammie (feat. Lil Baby) [Sammie] You got the sauce, girl, I cannot forgot As I lay in my bed, girl, I think about it You got […]