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Category: Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles – Orpheus Lyrics

Orpheus Lyrics by Sara Bareilles Come by the fire Lay down your head My love I see you’re growing tired so set the bad day by the bed And rest […]

Sara Bareilles – Miss Simone Lyrics

Miss Simone Lyrics by Sara Bareilles Smiles in the morning at me Apartment on the second story Strangers in a brand new city Both remembering last night Kitchen table and […]

Sara Bareilles – Eyes on You Lyrics

Eyes on You Lyrics by Sara Bareilles Tendi with the good hands stutters when she’s speaking Johnny drives a big rig, Johnny’s not sleeping Sweet Geraldine turned 80 in the […]

Sara Bareilles – Armor Lyrics

Armor Lyrics by Sara Bareilles Let it begin, let Adam in Step one: original sin Underneath the leaves, Adam found Eve Both of them found something sweet under the apple […]

Sara Bareilles – Fire Lyrics

Door clicks while his wheels start spinning on the pavement And I go fill the space up where he has been staying Won’t lose much sleep, he never went that […]