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Category: Saweetie

Hit-Boy – No L’s Lyrics

No L’s by Hit-Boy ft. Saweetie Yeah, I just ran a check up on myself Some days I just have to check up on myself (Yeah, I do) I’m so […]

Saweetie – 1 of 1 Lyrics

(Came with the check Let him know Punk) Make my butt look big, ah Talk a lot of s---, these b------ can get wet (B----) Talk a lot of s--- […]

Saweetie – Hot Boy Lyrics

(Daddy, what did you get me today? What’s in the bag? It better be some ice Hahaha… For real, quit playing with me (Icy) Like, I want all that s--- […]

Saweetie – Dipped in Ice Lyrics

(Hit-Boy) Oh, your lil’ daddy got me dipped in ice Dip, dipped in ice Oh, your lil’ daddy got me dipped in ice Dip, dipped in ice Oh, your lil’ […]

Saweetie – My Type Lyrics

Hennessy on my lips, take a little sip Privacy on the door, I’ma make the s--- grip Rich n----, eight figure, that’s my type That’s my type, n---- that’s my […]

Saweetie – Tip Toes Lyrics

[Quavo:] Yeah (Buddah Bless this beat) Yeah Ayy Let me tell you ’bout this chick from the West Coast (Woah) Light skin, baby hairs, but she do the most (Uh) […]

Saweetie – Trick Lyrics

(Murda on the beat so it’s not nice) Moola, moola, moola, man, that’s all I give a f--- about Dollar deals and family, man, that’s all I give a f--- […]

Saweetie – Emotional Lyrics

(feat. Quavo) (No way) Talk, talk to me Break it down, break it down for a chick with some money, yeah (Boom) She gon’ break it down for the Huncho […]

Saweetie – Pissed Lyrics

Pissed Lyrics Saweetie Saweetie, Saweetie, Saweetie (Icy) Sippin Rosé, first class, yeah I’m lit AP bust down jumpin’ off the wrist Republicans on the plane, muggin’ on a b---- Makin’ […]