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Category: Scarlxrd

scarlxrd - TWX TXNE. Lyrics

scarlxrd – TWX TXNE. Lyrics

TWX TXNE. Lyrics – scarlxrd Ahah! Yeah! Scar Let me pattern these boys on time Big boy, Sca-, yeah Ayo Shoki, this go crazy! Two tone when I look into […]

scarlxrd - GRIND. Lyrics

scarlxrd – GRIND. Lyrics

GRIND. Lyrics – scarlxrd Grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind Grind, grind, grind, grind Weh the bloodcat do you? Siddung siddung Classic shit, easy, yeah Sca-, […]

Scarlxrd - False Hxpe. Lyrics

Scarlxrd – False Hxpe. Lyrics

False Hxpe. Lyrics – Scarlxrd Uh, hope forever Timeless Haha Vader Ayo Shoki, this go crazy See, doing me is easy Doing me is the easiest part, nigga Shut me […]

Scarlxrd - Ngafiyd Lyrics

Scarlxrd – Ngafiyd Lyrics

Ngafiyd Lyrics – Scarlxrd .. appears to be man-engineered.. [inaudible] Both of you! Silence! He is escaping! We got no, no sympathy, out here We laugh at suffering Go, go, […]

Scarlxrd - Drxwn 6x Lyrics

Scarlxrd – Drxwn 6x Lyrics

Drxwn 6x Lyrics – Scarlxrd Panting Hahaha, yeah, ayy, ayy Get the fuck out Take out the weak, win at all costs You’ll never reach the place above Too blind […]