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Category: Schoolboy Q

ScHoolboyQ – Attention Lyrics

Attention Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ …ain’t worried Glidin’ through the air, ain’t cautious, yeah, yeah, yeah Mind on the ground, ain’t dreamin’ Thing on my waist been leanin’, yeah, yeah, yeah […]

ScHoolboyQ – Water Lyrics

Water Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ [Cardo] Yeah, I got that water, yeah, I got that water (That H2O) I got that water, yeah, I got that water I got that water, […]

ScHoolboyQ - Crash Lyric

ScHoolboyQ – Crash Lyrics

Crash Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ [ScHoolboyQ] Too many M’s to make (To make) Too many rules to break (To break) Too many fightin’ that case (That case) I gotta find my […]

ScHoolboyQ – Die Wit Em Lyrics

Die Wit Em Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ Got that .40 on my lap, on God, n---- Hit that b---- from yesterday, she mine, n---- Got that .223 on me, it dive […]

ScHoolboyQ – Dangerous Lyrics

Dangerous Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ [Kid Cudi] I’m feeling dangerous, I’m feeling nauseous Road left me crazy, soaring, I wanna Smoking and faded, I got enormous Drinkin’ and swangin’, I’m feelin’ […]

ScHoolboyQ – Floating Lyrics

Floating Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ [ScHoolboy Q] Fall in this b----, transfusion with the drip drop Sauce everywhere and got broccoli in my ziploc Tatted on my face, no role model, […]

ScHoolboyQ – Black Folk Lyrics

Black Folk Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ Wasted, wasted Wasted, wasted Wasted, wasted Wasted, wasted You ain’t talkin’ ’bout no bread or no guap or no fetti or no cake Get the […]

ScHoolboyQ – 5200 Lyrics

5200 Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ [ScHoolboy Q & Kendrick Lamar] (One) I done lost money made it back Everybody get the (Two) f--- out the way right now I just got […]

ScHoolboyQ – Lies Lyrics

Lies Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ [Ty Dolla $ign] Stop, oh [Ty Dolla $ign] Stop tellin’ lies on me, that s--- ain’t okay, hey, hey, hey Stop tellin’ lies on me, that […]

ScHoolboyQ – Drunk Lyrics

Drunk Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ (feat. 6LACK) This is the future, this is the future I ain’t really drunk, I ain’t really drunk I ain’t really drunk, I ain’t really drunk […]

ScHoolboyQ – Gang Gang Lyrics

Gang Gang Lyrics by ScHoolboyQ [Zacari & ScHoolboy Q] Crash Talk take 1 Whole lotta f------ gang s--- On the real, mane, check it out (Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo) […]

ScHoolboy Q, Travis Scott – CHopstix Lyrics

CHopstix Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q, Travis Scott [ScHoolboy Q] Fly high, I’m too high Watch, splash, car, fast Dash, zoom, smooth, ooh Spend cash, glide by [Travis Scott] Chopsticks, chopsticks, […]

ScHoolboy – Numb Numb Juice Lyrics

Numb Numb Juice Lyrics By ScHoolboy Two-door coupe, hoppin’ out like Jack-in-the-Box, n---- I’m gon’ shoot if this thirty’s all that I got, n---- Time’s up Got my coins up, […]