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Category: Shallou

Shallou – Good Together Lyrics

Shallou – Good Together Lyrics [Ft. Ashe] [ Shallou & Ashe] We couldn’t love from a distance It took some time, but I realized You and I are better off missing each other’s […]

Shallou – Forget Lyrics

Forget By Shallou Ooh, I want time Ooh, I want to feel it still Ooh, I want time Ooh, I want to feel it still I just want, just want […]

Shallou – Older Lyrics

Older By Shallou & Daya Well, I guess I’m at the end again Back to breaking down on benches Guess I’ve grown to feel nothing And it seems nothing hurts […]

Shallou – Fading Lyrics

Fading By Shallou I’ve been playin’ it out but we never change We’re just caught in a game, lost in our ways and who can we blame? If only We […]

Shallou – All Your Days Lyrics

All Your Days Lyrics By Shallou [Verse 1] We could be together like a clock Take our time and make it ours We could be something they’re not We could […]

Shallou – Skin Lyrics

Skin by Shallou Released : 2018 I’m done fighting I was losing I kept discovering the chance of you And what I’d give to live that second again Just a […]