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Category: Shaun Frank

Bon Appetit Lyrics

Shaun Frank – Bon Appetit Lyrics

Bon Appetit by Shaun Frank Feat. ALLE Released : 2018 Bon appetit, bababababadada Bon appetit, bababababadada Cherry sundae Let me treat you You taste like summer Whipped cream and fruit […]

Shaun Frank – Addicted Lyrics

Addicted by Shaun Frank Feat. Violet Days Released : 2017 Breathe you in like a cigarette Feel so good though it’s dangerous Don’t wanna remember but I can’t forget The […]

Shaun Frank – Upsidedown Lyrics

Upsidedown by Shaun Frank Released : 2017 I’ve been swimming in the fish pool Pizza boxes by the backdoor. Your clothes scattered over my floor. We both know that I […]