Shawn Mendes – Carried Away Lyrics

Carried Away Lyrics – Shawn Mendes We had nights of endless music We were dizzy dancing ’til the dawn We were free, singing sweet harmonies with the city But maybe

Shawn Mendes – Heartbeat Lyrics

Heartbeat Lyrics – Shawn Mendes I look into the stars at night The only substitution when it’s not your eyes, yeah Can’t get enough, it’s official I want a lot

Shawn Mendes – Intro Lyrics

Intro Lyrics – Shawn Mendes You have a million different faces But they’ll never understand Unless you let them in You’ve been a million different places So I guess I’ll

Shawn Mendes – Higher Lyrics

Higher Lyrics – Shawn Mendes I can’t get much higher New York in the summertime Get close with a bottle of wine Last year was a broken heart Last year

Shawn Mendes – 24 Hours Lyrics

24 Hours Lyrics – Shawn Mendes All it’d take is 24 hours Sign the check and the place is ours It’s a little soon but I wanna come home to

Shawn Mendes – Call My Friends Lyrics

Call My Friends Lyrics – Shawn Mendes Right now I’m alone inside the airport And you’re all at a bar in our hometown Feels like we been living different lives

Shawn Mendes – Dream Lyrics

Dream Lyrics – Shawn Mendes Dream, dream, dream, dream Hello, hello, hello Can I hear an echo Purple red and yellow I can’t wait to get home Head down on

Shawn Mendes – 305 Lyrics

305 Lyrics – Shawn Mendes It’s 3:05 I’m on a rollercoaster ride Hoping you don’t change your mind I don’t wanna let go Never been so sure in my life

Shawn Mendes – Always Been You Lyrics

Always Been You Lyrics – Shawn Mendes It’s a fairytale I can’t explain Full of words I don’t know how to say And without a little twist of fate I