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Category: Shura

Shura – Elevator Girl Lyrics

Elevator Girl By Shura Baby, I can help you out (you’ve got somethin’, and) Maybe if it all works out (we got somethin’ so sweet) Twenty-two fights of silence (oh-oh) […]

Shura – skyline, be mine Lyrics

skyline, be mine by Shura Follow me to the outside I know it’s cold but I don’t mind See your body in the skyline Took so long for you to […]

Shura – control Lyrics

control by Shura I got my friend to teach me French So I could speak true to you Goodnight, sweet dreams, bonne nuit Funny that I tried I don’t need […]

Shura – forever Lyrics

forever by Shura Holy water wonder wheel Single revolution got a ticket for two We’ll take The G to paradise Twenty different flavours but they’re nothing on you Cause this […]

Shura – flyin’ Lyrics

flyin’ by Shura Scared of flying but I’ll fly for you Scared of dying but I’m dying to see you And I don’t know you yet, I’m insecure Be my […]

Shura – princess leia Lyrics

princess leia by Shura I got off the plane and turned my phone on So I could read what you sent me when I was 30 thousand feet above the […]