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Category: Sia

Sia - Music Lyrics

Sia – Music Lyrics

Music Lyrics – Sia Music is the soothing saint Use me to feel all your pain I’m all yours Music, I’m your dearest friend I’m here when there’s nothing left […]

Sia - Play Dumb Lyrics

Sia – Play Dumb Lyrics

Play Dumb Lyrics – Sia I stayed too long, you’ve been kissing on everyone You’ve played my love, so I’ll play you like a kick drum I’m moving on ’cause […]

Sia - Lie to Me Lyrics

Sia – Lie to Me Lyrics

Lie to Me Lyrics – Sia There’s a hungry child living inside of me See, I have always been wild Had a sensitive sight and it’s part of me Set […]

Sia - Oblivion Lyrics

Sia – Oblivion Lyrics

Oblivion Lyrics – Sia Heaven never heard me calling I guess this is the reason I feel like hell Weatherman, the rain is pourin’, yeah, yeah I wanna be in […]

Sia - Miracle Lyrics

Sia – Miracle Lyrics

Miracle Lyrics – Sia Nobody wants to wait for little miracles (Little miracles) Nobody wants to say, “I’m feeling secure” (Feeling secure) It’s hard to be this big when I […]