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Category: Sia

Sia - Breathe Me Lyrics

Sia – Breathe Me Lyrics

Breathe Me Lyrics – Sia Help, I have done it again I have been here many times before Hurt myself again today And the worst part is there’s no one […]

Sia - Hey Boy Lyrics

Sia – Hey Boy Lyrics

Hey Boy Lyrics – Sia Hey boy Whatcha got for me, whatcha got in store? Hey boy Damn you’re so sexy, got me wanting more I wanna be single ‘cos […]

Sia - Courage To Change Lyrics

Sia – Courage To Change Lyrics

Courage To Change Lyrics By Sia World, I want to leave you better I want my life to matter I am afraid I have no purpose here I watch the […]

Sia - Together Lyrics

Sia – Together Lyrics

Together By Sia I can hear the thunder Coming from your mouth And I know my number’s up Give me some Stevie Wonder Quick put it on before we go […]

Sia – Saved My Life Lyrics

Saved My Life By Sia Boom, boom, boom Beats my heart, heart, heart Baby boom, boom, boom In the dark, dark, dark Baby boom, boom, boom Fall apart, part, part […]

Sia – Original Lyrics

Original By Sia Boom, woke me from my sleep Boom, woke me from a dream Boom, got me on my feet Boom, think the birds who sing I’m here to […]