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Category: Sigrid

Sigrid – Sucker Punch (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Sigrid Release date: March 8, 2019 Label: Universal Island Records Genre: Pop 01. Sucker Punch 02. Mine Right Now 03. Basic 04. Strangers 05. Don’t Feel Like Crying 06. […]

Sigrid – Never Mine Lyrics

Never Mine Lyrics By Sigrid I don’t wanna lose a friend But you make it hard to feel okay For you, for you do anything But I don’t want a […]

Sigrid – Business Dinners Lyrics

Sigrid – Business Dinners Lyrics

Business Dinners Lyrics By Sigrid Oh, you just want me to be Sweeter, better, angel, yeah Business dinners Oh, you just want me to be Pictures, numbers, figures, yeah Deeper, […]

Sigrid – In Vain Lyrics

In Vain Lyrics By Sigrid I don’t know, seems crazy how we got this far There’s something ’bout you that felt pretty good That I can’t see anymore Should’ve known […]

Sigrid – Level Up Lyrics

Level Up Lyrics By Sigrid In your house I got my suitcase ’cause I’m heading out Another problem’s that we danced around our [?] in the midnight air I know […]

Sigrid – Strangers Lyrics

Strangers Lyrics By Sigrid Just like in the movies It starts to rain and we We’re the broken beauties Blindfolded minds collide and we fall When the curtain drops Our […]

Sigrid – Sight Of You Lyrics

Sight Of You Lyrics By Sigrid It’s a lonely feelin’, wavin’ you goodbye I don’t know what I’m leavin’, until the moment is gone Checkin’ in and then checkin’ out […]

Sigrid – Basic Lyrics

Basic Lyrics By Sigrid Nananananana Nananananana Nananananana Am I crazy ’cause I think I feel you next to me? When I know you couldn’t be Know we’re in different cities […]

Sigrid – Mine Right Now Lyrics

Mine Right Now Lyrics By Sigrid [Sigrid] Something about the way you and I fit That’s when it hits Feels like it’s too good to be true We’re down at […]

Sigrid – Sucker Punch Lyrics

Sucker Punch by Sigrid Released : 2018 Μeet me in the halfway Fοr a cup of cοffee by the stairs We’re bοth in a hurry Let’s dο it in a […]

Sigrid – Schedules Lyrics

Schedules by Sigrid Thought I saw you in the crowd tonight But I know you’re somewhere else, you’re just on my mind I don’t need you, but it feels so […]

Sigrid - High Five

Sigrid – High Five Lyrics

High Five by Sigrid Released : 2018 Nobody dares to speak against your word So they just sit quiet Do what you want, who cares if you’ll get hurt? No, […]