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Category: Simple Creatures

Simple Creatures – Need Me Lyrics

Need Me · Simple Creatures I need a song to kill this headache I need a beat to feed my soul I need the sound of a thousand voices Singing back to feel at […]

Simple Creatures – The Wolf Lyrics

The Wolf · Simple Creatures I know I’m not supposed to stare into the sun but I just like the way that it burns I’ll fall asleep, keep having dreams that I’m still dreaming […]

Simple Creatures – NVM Lyrics

NVM · Simple Creatures I dug through a graveyard of empty bottles and missing pieces Searching for redemption in dirt and debris to find the reason Everything is awful, but […]

Simple Creatures – Special Lyrics

Special by Simple Creatures Nothing sinister starts out sober sometimes the chemicals work me over The things you learn at 4am When do I become who I am? Save your […]

Simple Creatures – Adrenaline Lyrics

I hear your voice in flashbacks You act like it never happened Dynamite and whiplash Kill me with your favorite weapon So happy anniversary Now point the finger back at […]