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Category: Skillet

Skillet - Beyond Incredible Lyrics

Skillet – Beyond Incredible Lyrics

Beyond Incredible Lyrics – Skillet The demons come when I’m all alone Sometimes I can’t tell Hell from home I’m falling Sinking deeper in misery When you’re away from me […]

Skillet - Destiny Lyrics

Skillet – Destiny Lyrics

Destiny Lyrics – Skillet Is there a place where I Could leave the world behind And say goodbye to every painful memory Where darkness ain’t my destiny This is my […]

Skillet - Destroyer Lyrics

Skillet – Destroyer Lyrics

Destroyer Lyrics – Skillet Destroyer of the lies Destroyer of the lies Destroyer of the lies Destroyer of the lies I’m a warrior, the destroyer [?] your ways Inside a […]

Skillet - Forever Or The End Lyrics

Skillet – Forever Or The End Lyrics

Forever Or The End Lyrics – Skillet Tell me what you’re thinking So I don’t have to pretend ‘Cause you’re 90 million miles away I’m the song that goes on […]

Skillet - Ignite Lyrics

Skillet – Ignite Lyrics

Ignite Lyrics – Skillet It’s past time It’s past time I take control, I’m cutting, cutting wires Fight or flight Dynamite With just a spark I come, I come alight […]

Skillet - White Horse Lyrics

Skillet – White Horse Lyrics

White Horse Lyrics – Skillet Verily, verily, I will tell thee Nothing but the truth Listen to the preacher Warning you about the deceiver I am the way, the truth, […]

Skillet - Dominion Lyrics

Skillet – Dominion Lyrics

Dominion Lyrics – Skillet Do-do-do-dominion Do-do-do-dominion Life has become a war Under our overlords I look them in the eye I keep crossing the bitter lie Don’t hold me I’ve […]

Skillet - Refuge Lyrics

Skillet – Refuge Lyrics

Refuge Lyrics – Skillet When I open my eyes, I can’t believe it How the world can look so different than we were dreamin’ It’s gettin’ harder to say I’m […]

Skillet - Dead Man Walking Lyrics

Skillet – Dead Man Walking Lyrics

Dead Man Walking By Skillet Bring up the dead, the dead Bring up the dead man Like a knife, they terrorize Ah-ah-ah ah-ah On the run but I’m paralyzed Ah-ah-ah […]

Skillet - Sick and Empty Lyrics

Skillet – Sick and Empty Lyrics

Sick and Empty By Skillet You’re so high above Let’s just be honest I’d leave You with nothing Everything I love I sabotage it To save you from suffering You […]