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Category: Skillet

Skillet – Finish Line Lyrics

Finish Line by Skillet Good evening, my people up in the chandeliers The wining and dining, the menu is blood, sweat and tears Everybody ready Raining down confetti Champions are […]

Skillet – Reach Lyrics

Reach by Skillet You were the only one to see Secrets locked inside of me You were the only one So tell me where you’ve gone I’ve lost a little […]

Skillet – Terrify the Dark Lyrics

Terrify the Dark by Skillet No power on earth, no power in hell Is gonna steal my peace Ten thousand enemies, they will End up on their knees When I’m […]

Skillet – Rise Up Lyrics

Rise Up by Skillet Rise up, rise up Just like a fire Rise up, rise up No way Never gonna bow to your hate Can’t pull me under Stand proud […]

Skillet – Save Me Lyrics

Save Me by Skillet This is the place that no one sees I don’t like to show (I can’t help it) This is the darkness over me It’s just the […]