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Category: SL

SL & Kenny Beats - Bad Luck Lyrics

SL & Kenny Beats – Bad Luck Lyrics

Bad Luck By SL & Kenny Beats Yeah, yeah, yeah Ok, yeah, look Woah, Kenny Sat in ’cause the boy weren’t patient (Weren’t) Smoke weed, tell it turn man quavers […]

SL & Kenny Beats - Little Bird Lyrics

SL – Little Bird Lyrics

Little Bird By SL Yeah, yeah (Woah, Kenny), look Little bird (Bird), got her off the curb (Curb) Like to throw it back (Back), and she kept her word (Word) […]

SL – Summertime Santa Lyrics

Summertime Santa Lyrics by SL [SL] Two sweet ones in the back just me and bro, here we go Slow, slow, so I crept in soft Oh shit oh no […]