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Category: Slayyyter

Slayyyter – Mine Lyrics

Mine by Slayyyter: I fell in love First date, but, boy, you know it’s not enough And you talkin’ to me, boy, like you wanted something Well, baby, come and- […]

Slayyyter – Alone Lyrics

Alone by Slayyyter: Been a while since I seen you ’round Doing good, how about you? Heard you talking like we used to talk Does she does it like I […]

Slayyyter – Candy Lyrics

Candy by Slayyyter: B---- (C-A-N-D-Y) S-L-A-Y Uh! Yeah… Mmm! Yeah… Ow! It’s gettin’ late at night and you know just what I like Want you to take it downtown, baby, […]

Slayyyter – Devil Lyrics

Devil by Slayyyter: They say I’m toxic, you can’t handle it Full of poison, baby, take a sip Drag you back to hell with me Go, escape while you’ve got your dignity No sugar […]

Slayyyter – Ur Man Lyrics

Ur Man by Slayyyter: I was out with my friends (Out with my friends) I was minding my business (Oh yeah) I was drinking to Britney Then your man came […]

Slayyyter – Motorcycle Lyrics

Motorcycle by Slayyyter: Lemme take a ride on your motorcycle Middle of the night, under the street light glow On your motorcycle On your motorcycle On your motorcycle Touch me, […]

Slayyyter – Celebrity Lyrics

Celebrity by Slayyyter: I’m a celebrity, yeah (Donatachi music!) I’m a celebrity, yeah I’m a celebrity Hop into my pink limo Sorry, boy, I got to go My publicist is […]

Slayyyter – Tattoo Lyrics

Tattoo by Slayyyter: Boy, you’re sweet like summertime Go ahead to make you mine (Oh me, oh my) This ain’t gonna last because I always move too fast But baby, […]

Slayyyter – E-Boy Lyrics

E-Boy by Slayyyter: Remember where we first met? I think it was on the internet I think you were so obsessed Watching me live take off my dress Do you […]

Slayyyter – Touch My Body Lyrics

Touch My Body by Slayyyter: Every minute of the day I’ve been waiting by my phone Just to see your name Hit me up, don’t be late Boy, I wanna […]

Slayyyter – Ghosttt Lyrics

Ghosttt by Slayyyter: (slayyyter) S-L-A-Y-Y-Y-T-E-R Baby you really hurt me You made me cry so much Really did me dirty Now you wanna get all flirty Say you wanna stay […]

Slayyyter - Cha Ching Lyrics

Slayyyter – Cha Ching Lyrics

Cha Ching by Slayyyter Comin’ up like we got a bonus I got something that you don’t own and All the boys say they want to know it Cuz I […]

Slayyyter - Daddy AF Lyrics

Slayyyter – Daddy AF Lyrics

Daddy AF by Slayyyter I been f-----’ models I been poppin’ bottles all night Playboy in the grotto Put it on your face boy Alright I been f-----’ models I […]