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Category: Slayyyter

Slayyyter - Clouds Lyrics

Slayyyter – Clouds Lyrics

Clouds Lyrics – Slayyyter I always dreamed to the sound of a drum Little girl won the world, she’s a champion Nice champagne on ice Life is paradise So tell […]

Slayyyter - Throatzillaaa Lyrics

Slayyyter – Throatzillaaa Lyrics

Throatzillaaa Lyrics – Slayyyter Lyrics to «Throatzillaaa» he call me throatzilla i suck a dick so killa strawberry ice cream or vanilla, chilla your girl sick but I’m illa ya […]

Slayyyter - Self Destruct Lyrics

Slayyyter – Self Destruct Lyrics

Self Destruct Lyrics – Slayyyter Baby blue Benz out front (Ooh) Louis, Murakami, always get what I want (Get what I want) Look but don’t touch (Don’t) I eat boys […]

Slayyyter – BFF Lyrics

BFF by Slayyyter: Roll up to the basement party Drinking all your dad’s Bacardi Smoking up inside my white jeep with the pink seats (yeah) You are my best-friend till […]

Slayyyter – Mine Lyrics

Mine by Slayyyter: I fell in love First date, but, boy, you know it’s not enough And you talkin’ to me, boy, like you wanted something Well, baby, come and- […]