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Category: Slipknot

Slipknot – Nero Forte Lyrics

Nero Forte By Slipknot Watch this! I’m never enough You bleed me dry, using me up Dissatisfied, and used Another key to the empty spot in you I’m sick as […]

Critical Darling

Slipknot – Critical Darling Lyrics

Critical Darling By Slipknot God’s in a coma Put Faith in a life support Running away won’t feel the same If you reach a metaphysical last resort Oh, malevolence and […]

Slipknot – Red Flag Lyrics

Red Flag By Slipknot Past just saving, this is like escaping Running wild in the middle of weeds Eyes can’t see me, careful with your breathing Get away or they […]

Slipknot – Spiders Lyrics

Spiders By Slipknot Well you can go it alone Or keep it in between The pages of the books you burn So no one gets to read The fingers pull […]

Slipknot – Orphan Lyrics

Orphan By Slipknot I wept! When I realized There were no more demons left to conquer An opportunity to show my feelings With skin so thick you’d swear it was […]

Slipknot – My Pain Lyrics

My Pain By Slipknot Pain She loves me Wants me to be Less scared, more free to feel more of my pain I’m your friend And I’m your shade Do […]

Slipknot – Solway Firth Lyrics

Solway Firth Lyrics by Slipknot Today, up on this hill, I’m counting all the killers They sway as they swarm, a look of gluttons in their eyes They mutter as […]

Slipknot – Unsainted Lyrics

Unsainted by Slipknot Oh, I’ll never kill myself to save my soul I was gone, but how was I to know? I didn’t come this far to sink so low […]

Slipknot – All Out Life Lyrics

All Out Life Lyrics by Slipknot What a world, the horizon’s Coming like a hell-bent killing machine Can’t afford to be the g------ wreckage Burn it all again at a […]